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Automated Vertical Lift Systems And Storage Carousels For Both Industrial And Office Applications.​

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Why invest?

Space Saving

There’s no longer a need for a warehouse with large amounts of floorspace, as the height of your building is utilised with vertical storage.

Time Saving

With very quick retrieval speeds, operator kitting time is reduced and output is increased.


With integrated barcode scanning functionality, component checks allow for constant MES connectivity.


Hänel technology provides the operator with an ergonomic environment which reduces strain on the user and improves workload efficiency.

Our Products

Optimal Systems for Warehouse, Office and Administration

Hänel Lean-Lift®

Flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Hänel Rotomat® storage carousels

Optimizing procedures, increasing flexibility, lowering costs

Hänel Rotomat® Office Vertical Carousel

Optimal filing systems for office and administration

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About Our Company

“At NSR Libya, we’re your gateway to advanced storage solutions, saving you time, boosting efficiency, and enhancing productivity. Based in vibrant Tripoli, we specialize in cutting-edge Automated Vertical Lift Systems and Storage Carousels for industrial and office applications. Our mission is simple: revolutionize storage with tailored solutions, combining technology and expertise. Whether streamlining industrial workflows or enhancing office organization, we’re committed to excellence.”

Our Story

Client Testimonials

NSR Libya’s Hanel Archiving Systems have revolutionized our document management. The automated vertical storage expedites document retrieval, seamlessly integrating into our workflow. NSR’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions has significantly boosted our operational efficiency.

Choosing NSR Libya for archiving was strategic. The Hanel Systems maximize office space effectively, reducing clutter and fostering an organized work environment. NSR’s intelligent design is a pivotal investment in workspace optimization.

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Our confidence in NSR Libya’s Hanel Archiving Systems is rooted in exceptional security features. State-of-the-art technology ensures document confidentiality. NSR’s robust systems and dedication to reliability fortify our commitment to data security.

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